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A Brief Overview of House Extensions

The professional and friendly team at Vitec Contractors Ltd regularly works with domestic and commercial customers based in the Henleaze area of Bristol. Our time-served builders are skilled in several building services, such as:

  • Commercial Property Extensions

  • General Building Repairs

  • House Extensions

  • House Renovations

  • Kitchen Fitting (Kitchen Remodels and New Kitchens)

  • Planning and Design Work for New Living Spaces

We’re the building company that can help you achieve any new living spaces you have in mind. Read our customer testimonials to see how we’ve previously helped people with new kitchens, commercial property extensions, general building repairs, and much more.

Across our various building services, be it house renovations, garage conversions or kitchen fittings, our builders like to share information about our craft with our Henleaze customers. The same applies to our extensions. Here, we cover some of the common types of house extensions we build in the local area to help you better understand our work.

Common Types of Extensions

Rear-facing Extensions -

Arguably one of the most popular extensions, rear-facing extensions are built at the back of the property. Many UK houses have external space to work with in the garden area, making this extension ideal for homeowners. Some people use this as an opportunity to create a new room with large windows or french doors that look out onto the garden. This helps you feel ‘at one’ with your outdoor space, connecting inside of your home with the nature of the outside world.

Wraparound Extensions -

Wraparound extensions involve adding single-storey extensions to the rear and side of your property. Due to their design, they are also referred to as L-shaped extensions. This type of extension project is best suited to customers who want to add two different rooms/areas to the ground level of their property, maximising the use of this floor of the house.

Side Extensions -

Also referred to as side returns, a side extension is when you build a single-storey extension on the side of your property. Some homeowners use this extension to expand existing rooms, such as making a more spacious kitchen or dining room. These extensions are best suited to older houses from the Victorian or Georgian eras or detached properties that have vacant alleyways or large spaces to build onto.

Double-storey Extensions-

All of the extensions mentioned so far have been forms of single-storey extension. However, if maximising additional space without compromising your property’s exterior is the primary goal, a double-storey extension is the project for you. Because foundations are only needed for the area of one room, you can save money on the second room and use this extension to create two new rooms, like a wraparound. For instance, you could build a larger dining room downstairs and create a guest bedroom upstairs. The choice is yours.

If any of these house extensions catch your eye, call our builders today. We can assist with the planning and design work on all extensions, house renovations, garage conversions, kitchen fittings and much more. We will then work tirelessly to bring those plans to life as part of our professional and satisfying customer experience in the Henleaze area.

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