House Renovations and Garage Conversions in Bristol
Ideas for Garage Remodelling Projects

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Whether it’s house renovations, house extensions or kitchen fittings, Vitec Contractors Ltd knows a thing or two about creating new living spaces. One of our areas of expertise is garage conversions. For anyone who has an underused and appreciated garage, this could be the ideal home improvement project for you. Here, we would like to share some examples of how you can convert your garage into a new space that meets your needs.

A Home Office

With the rise of remote working following the impact of the global pandemic, it’s become increasingly important to have an optimised workspace in your Bristol home. If you’re fed up with working from the kitchen or dining room table, constantly being distracted by activity around the house, creating a tailored home office could help. Garages have a bit of separation from the main house and could provide you with the peace and calm you need to work productively day in, day out.

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A Music Practice Room

Speaking of separation, having space to yourself gives you the license to make some noise of your own. Construction of a music practice room or recording studio could be a great way of using your garage space to express your creative side. You should have plenty of space to keep your drum kit or any other instruments you play so you can rock your heart out at your leisure.

An Art Studio

Music isn’t the only form of creative expression that garage rooms facilitate. Transform your garage into a fully functioning art studio where you can paint, draw and design as you please. Again, you have ample storage space to store paintings, materials and anything else you need to bring your artwork to life.

A Home Gym

Get your sweat on from the comfort of your Bristol property with a home gym in your old garage space. Set up your weights and exercise machines and put on your favourite workout playlist. Garages are on the ground floor, so this part of the house is perfectly suited for a home gym. It’s easy to ventilate this area when your cardio session heats up, and if you drop any heavy weights, the ground can be well-reinforced to avoid lasting damage.

These are just a selection of ideas for garage conversions that may suit your Bristol property, but the possibilities are endless. Discuss your thoughts on converted garages, house extensions, kitchen fittings and house renovations today to get our professional assistance.

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